Inspiration from @vergiss_meinnicht 's W123 / A4 Size Handmade Artwork

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This artwork was inspired by @vergiss_meinnicht 's W123 and was painted on paper. Original artwork, high quality digital files and also if you want, you can buy the puzzle of this artwork!

Information about the Original Artwork, Digital Files, Puzzle and Delivery:


*Only Handmade on 300g Watercolor Paper

*A4 Size

*Techniques: Ink, Watercolor Pencil, Watercolor



*High quality digital files will be sent to the mail address you specified on the day you purchased the artwork.

Digital files is; 

*Scanned File of Artwork (jpg) 

*The Video Captured While Drawing

*High Quality Photos Taken During Drawing (jpg)


*Artwork and products will be packed and shipped with impact resistant thick sheets.

*Wherever you are in the world, your package will be on your hands within 5 working days!

(We deliver super fast to all over the world but there may be 2-3 days delay due to Covid-19)





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